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【120 minutes with all you can drink】 Yakinikan all you can eat «Standard course» 3900 yen

【120 minutes with all you can drink】 Yakinikan all you can eat «Standard course» 3900 yen

By using a coupon3900 yen

(tax included)

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All-you-can-drink available

※ For those who ordered with a drink bar (3300 yen), alcohol / non alcoholic cocktails can not be ordered.

Reservation deadline
2 days before arrival date 17 o'clock
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

You can choose from two popular "Tonbirubi", good quality at bargain price! Yakiniku can choose from two kinds of "aged sagure" and "salt sagle" ★ Yakiniku "46 items" / pottery "4 items / Side menu "42 items" / dessert "5 items" All over 80 items of Standard Course! <With drink bar> 3300 yen / <Elementary school student> 1800 yen

Course menu

<Grilled meat> Matured saga or salt sagger

Beef loin / beef halami / cattle Calvi / beef horn cutting Hararami / cattle cut off Calbi /

Beef rose / epigalline / soft loose / soft soft-cut hamami / swine harami

Beef pickled Calbee / Sukiyaki Calbee / Pulkogi Calvi

Grilled beef roasted with beef / beef maturation cut-off grill

<Hormone> Matured Sage or Salt Dare

Beef Hormone / domestic cow liver / Tetchan

<Tan> Mature aged saga or salt dale or lemon pepper

Tan / biscuit tongue

<Pig · Chicken> Matured Dare or Salt Dalee or Lemon Pepper

Pork ribs / Tonsidro / chicken thighs

<Grilled chicken>

Sausage / hamburger steak / grilled garlic foil / corn butter


Cheese fondue / Daikon Oroshi / raw egg / salt bean

<Grilled vegetables>

Grilled vegetable assortment / cabbage / onion / peppers / corn / eringi

<Kimchi · Namul>

Assorted Kimchi / Kimchi Chinese cabbage / Kimchi radish / Kimchi cucumber / Assorted Namul / Moyashi Namuru


Wrapped vegetables / chopped salad / caesar salad / potato salad

<One item>

Baked good / Braised hormone / Korean paste / Abalone cucumber / Abalone cabbage / Edamame

Tortilla / fried potato / deep-fried chicken / deep-fried chicken poppy


Wakame soup / egg soup / yakata soup

<Noodle, Koppa>

Chilled udon noodles / udpa

<Rice breakfast>

Rice (medium) · (large) · (rice manga Sheng) / egg rice dish

<Pivimba, bowls>

Pivin bar / stone grilled pimpin bar / cheese stone-baked pinbars


Vanilla ice / yuzu sherbet / black honey kinako powder ice / old-fashioned handmade pudding / Annin tofu

All-you-can-drink menu

· Bourbon
· Shochu
·Plum wine
· Makgeoli
·Non-alcoholic cocktails
·drink bar

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